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How to stockpile food for $5 per week

The holiday season sure did get away from me in regards to the blog, but I’m back. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year’s celebrations and were able to spend time and make memories with family, we sure did!

Onto this week’s blog post. As you know, I’m passionate about several things…two of them being budgeting and prepping, hence Budget Preps 🙂 When I mention that our family is a prepping family, one of the first objections I get is, “How do you afford that?”. There definitely are expensive survival items on the market…$200 bug out bags, $500 water filtration systems, and so on. We budget for those more expensive things by allotting money each week/month into that category, BUT there are so many ways to prep on a budget.

So, I’ve decided to do a mini blogging series that will consist of several posts on how you can prep for $5 per week. Yes, just $5! This week I’ll be focusing on food/water. Look for more posts on non-food items such as first-aid, hygiene, tools, and gear.

$5 food preps


1.) 2 cases of water. I can generally get a 24 or 32 pack of water at my local discount store for $2.50. A 24 pack of water is roughly 3 gallons of water. In a disaster situation, that could sustain 1 person for 1.5 days.

2.) 5 lbs of most baking/pantry staples. Including flour, sugar, baking soda, and so on.

3.) 7 cans of vegetables. I can get canned veggies at Aldi for $0.70 on average. Remember to buy what your family will eat. You don’t want to be stuck in a disaster situation and have a pantry full of black eyed peas and a family that hates black eyed peas.

4.) 5 packs of instant mashed potatoes. You can find these for $1 at most stores and they’re super convenient. Add water, boil, done. Very prepper friendly.

5.) 5 gallons of purified water. A necessity.

6.) 5 boxes of pasta. Watch for sales. Most time, stores will mark their generic and store brand pastas down to $1 per box during sales cycles. If you coupon as well, you can often times get these for free.

7.) 5-10 lbs. of white rice. Depending on your store and in what amounts you buy it in, white rice is an extremely shelf stable staple to have in your stores.

8.) 5 cans of tuna. My family loves tuna, so this is a no-brainer food prep for us. You can adjust it to your family’s needs…salmon, SPAM (yum!), Vienna sausages…whatever floats your boat, but canned meat should most certainly be a part of your food preps.

9.) 5 containers of spices. At Aldi and many other stores, private label or generic spices are $1. In a disaster scenario (or on a diet like I am, yuck!), you’re going to be eating the same items over and over again. You WILL get burned out. Having different spices to give your food some flare will be a welcome party for your taste buds.

10.) 4 cans of canned soup.  Again, choose the kinds your family will love and don’t forget to get a variety. Food burnout = bad.

11.) 5-10 boxes of cornbread mix. Depending in your store, you can find cornbread mix for as low as $0.49.

12.) 3 lbs. dried beans. Excellent source of protein and fiber for your crisis situation.

13.) 4-5 cans of canned fruit. Our little one really, really loves fruit. These will keep her happy and satisfied.

14.) 5 boxes in instant Jell-O or pudding. Speaking of little ones, be sure to include “luxury” items in your food stores. Having a cup of jell-o when there’s no power can be a quick and easy way to lift the spirits of children (and adults, yum!).

15.) 1-2 boxes of Ramen noodles. These boxes run around $3 for 12 packs at most stores. If you catch a sale, you can get 2 boxes for $5. That’s 24 easy meals for $5. Can’t beat that!

16.) 5 boxes of store brand macaroni and cheese. We are die-hards in our family, this will make everyone in our household happy.

17.) 2 containers of bouillon cubes. Easier to store than stock or broth and a very simple way to add flavor to meals.

18.) 20 individual packs of Kool-Aid or two 19 oz. containers. Let’s face it, water will get bland after a while.

19.) One 20 oz. container of Tang.  This contains 100% of your daily intake of Vitamin C. Two birds, one stone. A prepper’s dream.

20.) Large bag of off brand cereal. Oftentimes, you can get those huge bags of mimic cereal (that taste the same!) for a great price.

I usually add one of these categories to my grocery list each week. Depending on what I’ve budgeted that week, I may add two from this list. Or three. Or four. But it is always budgeted.

Can you imagine what your food storage could look like after 52 weeks of using these cheap and easy preps??

This is by no means an all inclusive, I’m sure there are so many other cheap food preps out there.

What would you add to the list? Please leave a comment, I’d love to hear! 


  1. Cheyanne

    Love this idea! I’m currently trying to clean out my pantry (there’s not a lot of space there anyways) but I might have to implement a few of these ideas in the next few months or so.

    1. Survival1586 (Post author)

      Hi Cheyanne, welcome to the blog! I love your name by the way 🙂 We also struggle with limited pantry space. Our solution has been to put one of those closet stations on the walls of our spare bedroom. It’s like our own little shopping mall!

  2. DP @ Prepper News

    Great post! We get the large boxes of rolled oats at Costco for $6 and buy 25 pound bags of non GMO Lentils off Amazon for around $45. Of course, the best way to stockpile food is having your own garden! Spinach and Swiss Chard are two of the staples that we eat grow and eat daily. The Swiss Chard grows awesome for most of the year. It’s only now starting to die. The spinach on the other hand, bolts in the summer heat.

    If you look at the nutritional values of the Chard and Spinach…the micronutrients are incredible!

    1. Survival1586 (Post author)

      Those are great ideas, thank you so much! I have honestly never had Swiss Chard in my 30 years…I will get some this weekend to try!

  3. DP @ Prepper News


    Just wanted to give you a quick tip on your Blog…change your WordPress “Permalink” settings to “Post Name” instead of your current “Plain” and it will help with your search engine rankings.

    Your post title shows as http://www.budgetpreps.com/?p=42 . If you make the change, posts would look something like …


    …and would help you rank better.

    1. Survival1586 (Post author)

      Thank you so much for that tip! I can use all the help I can get – I’m not very “techy” to begin with!!

  4. Dayna

    Welcome back!

    1. Survival1586 (Post author)

      Thanks Dayna! Things got way ahead of me these past few weeks! How were your holidays?

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